Former VA Senators

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Former VA Senators


Seniority Senate Of Virginia

Seniority ; 22, John A. Cosgrove, Jr. Republican ; 23, Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. Democrat ; 24, Scott A. Surovell, Democrat ; 25, Bill DeSteph, Republican …

States In The Senate Virginia Senators

States in the Senate | Virginia Senators ; 1st, William Grayson (ANTI-ADMIN), Mar. 4, 1789 ; 1st, John Walker (PRO-ADMIN), Mar. 31, 1790 ; 1st-3rd, James Monroe ( …

Senate Of Virginia

Mark J. Peake, 22, Republican ; J. Chapman Petersen, 34, Democrat ; Todd E. Pillion, 40, Republican ; Bryce E. Reeves, 17, Republican …
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Members Of The U S Congress

1. Allen, George – Senator. Allen, George. State: Virginia Party: Republican Served: · 2. Bateman, Herbert H. – Representative. Bateman, …

Senate Roster West Virginia Legislature

Senate Leadership ; President of the Senate Craig Blair ; President Pro Tempore: Donna J. Boley ; Majority Leader: Tom Takubo ; Majority Whip: Ryan Weld ; Minority …

States In The Senate Virginia

Virginia’s longest-serving senators include Harry F. Byrd, Sr. (1933-1965) and John Warner (1979-2009). Among those who rose to leadership positions are Henry …

Members Of The United States Senate From Virginia

Members of the United States Senate from Virginia

In This Entry · George Felix Allen (1952– ), from Albemarle County, 2001–2007, Republican. · William Segar Archer (1789–1855), from Amelia County, 1841–1847, Whig …
List of United States Senators from Virginia?w=300

List Of United States Senators From Virginia Ballotpedia

Gary Adkins (R) · Blaine Dunn (R) · John Easley (R) · Roger Franklin (R) · Victor Williams (R) · Scott Taylor (R) · Omari Faulkner (R) …

Virginia National Governors Association


Former Governors – Virginia ; Gov. Robert McDonnell, Virginia, 2010 – 2014 ; Gov. Tim Kaine, Virginia, 2006 – 2010 ; Gov. Mark R. Warner, Virginia, 2002 – 2006
List of United States senators from Virginia?w=300

List Of United States Senators From Virginia Wikipedia

Virginia’s Senate seats were again filled from January 1870. Virginia’s current Senators are Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.